Personal Checking

Personal Checking

At Bank & Trust Company, we want to provide you with the best checking account type for your banking needs.

We offer three different checking accounts.  It's easy to choose the account that best suits you.  Not interested in any perks, or trying to avoid any fees?  Our DiamondBasic account is a no-frills, basic account: we'll even waive the $2 fee when you opt to receive e-statements and notices.  Or do you want to keep a higher balance that will earn interest, while still having access to your funds?  DiamondNow pays you interest when you maintain a balance as low as $2,500.  (See the chart below for additional information.)  Or maybe you're interested in getting more out of your checking account.

Well, we have a few questions for you to help identify what your checking account needs really are.

  • Do you use a debit card?
  • Are you looking for ways to save money?
  • Are you concerned about identity theft?
  • Do you own a cell phone?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, DiamondPlus Checking might be just the account you’re looking for.  Take a look at the chart below to see which account will be the right fit for you.

body bottom: 
*must be registered at, activation code provided by Bank
**must pay monthly bill of covered phone out of DiamondPlus account


Not sure about BaZing and all its benefits?  Sign up for a trial membership!  Try BaZing out and see what savings are available, nationwide.

Stop in or call us today and ask about DiamondPlus Checking and BaZing.  Or, visit the BaZing website to learn more.