Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

We've added some new features to our mobile app that you're going to love!

First, we added Mobile Deposit - use your smartphone to snap a photo of your check and send it to us for deposit.  Now we've got even more great features - including access to OneClick Bill Pay - to help you bank different, and bank better!

If you are already using our mobile app, then simply update through the Play Store or App Store to have access to our newest features:

  • NEW!  Bill Pay is now available on our app!
  • Choose between using a PIN or password to log in.
  • Access your OneClick Bill Pay account with 'Single Sign On'
  • See your current balance, and your available balance.
  • "My Money" menu provides easy access to features.
  • Turn your debit card "on" or "off" in real-time to prevent unauthorized use.


You can now access Bill Pay (if you are already a bill pay user) through the mobile app.  Simply log in on the mobile app using your online banking Online ID/password, and bill pay will appear in the side menu.

Now you can set a PIN to use for quick access to your accounts.  You can easily change your PIN right from your app any time!  And if you forget it, you can still log in with your password.

Mobile Banking has merged with Online Banking to provide even more flexibility.  Customers who use bill pay can now access their OneClick Bill Pay accounts through the mobile app, simply by logging in with their Online Banking ID.

Our app now shows your current balance and your available balance.  The available balance shows the amount you will have in your account when pending charges are posted.

The "My Money" menu is formatted like many common app menus - easily accessed on the left side, with the features most commonly used.  You can also find branch locations, settings, etc. across the bottom of the "My Money" screen.

You also have a feature allowing you to deactivate your debit cards in real-time right from your phone.  This prevents unauthorized use any time the card is 'off', and is especially useful if your card is lost or stolen.  Note: any preauthorized recurring debits (i.e. Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.) will still be paid even while your card is deactivated.

Remember, our mobile app is a free, easy, and secure way to stay in control of your money.
Best of all, it’s available anytime.  And as always, you can:

  • Review recent transactions
  • Check your balances in real-time
  • Deposit checks
  • Transfer funds between Bank & Trust Company accounts
  • Find the nearest branches and ATMs

It only takes a few minutes to sign up. Do it today!

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