CD Options

CD Options

Comparison of Earnings Chart between Laddered CDs, Short-term CDs, and Average NOW Account

Let's face it: it's hard to invest in anything long term when rates are so low.  The promise of rising rates on the horizon is always teasing you to stay in short term investments, sacrificing a little better return for the chance to act when rates begin to rise.  But just when and how fast will those rates rise, and how much money are you losing in the meantime?

While we can't answer the questions of how and when, we can help improve your investment earnings over the current short term rates - providing above-market returns while still keeping some liquidity.  Our "Laddered CDs" help ease you into better rates, and you'll still have access to a quarter of your investment each year.

Here's how it works: Your investment will be divided into four equal separate CDs with a 1, 2, 3, and 4 year maturity.  Each CD, if not redeemed upon maturity, automatically rolls into a 48-month CD at the prevailing rate (the 48-month CD rate offered at the time of renewal), providing maximum earnings and extending your "laddered" investment.  So, each year you'll have access to funds, yet have the long-term rates of a 4-year CD.

So ask yourself this question, "Why should I wait when I can start earning better-than-market rates now?"

Stop by any Bank & Trust Company branch today to learn more, and get started earning more with your own "Laddered CDs".

Laddered CD rates (annual percentage yield):

12 month - 1.00%          24 month - 1.25%          36 month - 1.50%          48 month - 2.00%

(combined 1st year APY approximately 1.43%)


FDIC insured  ·  Limited Time Offer  ·  $10,000 minimum to open